Company Overview

BIOEDER TECHNOLOGY S.L. is a company dedicated to the extraction, separation and purification of bioactive milk proteins from raw cow milk to obtain high value-added ingredients aimed at improving the quality of food products.


Bioeder Technology mission is the manufacture of bioactive dairy ingredients which can be used to increase the nutritional quality of several food products such as, for example, infant formula, nutritional supplements, dairy products, food for sport nutrition and food for clinical nutrition. All of that complying with the strictest standards of quality and food safety applied in the target markets, so demanding such as the “Baby Food”.


The goal is to implement a new management model in the dairy sector based on the treatment of the raw material allowing to directly supply the dairy industries with high value-added ingredients, with the highest quality, for the manufacture of their products. In this way the dairies would avoid handling the extraction and waste management.

This model seeks the integral use of all components of milk (proteins, fat, lactose, water and salts) reducing the generation of waste and meeting the objectives of sustainability and maximum respect for the environment.